Our Calgary Dental Office

We are proud of our dental clinic in NE Calgary. Located inside the recently renovated strip mall known as Rundle Plaza. 

Rundle Plaza is located directly across 36ST NE from Superstore.

Our modern yet comfortable dental clinic Calgary NE provides an environment that helps our patients feel more relaxed during their dental appointments. We understand that a visit to the dentist isn’t the most exciting part of anyone’s day so we tried to design our office to be as aesthetically pleasing and relaxing as possible. We hope you agree.

Due to the recent renovation of the outside of our building, we no longer look the way we used to. To avoid confusion we have removed our old exterior photos but will be updating them soon. Please visit this page again to see our updated exterior photos.


Phone: (587) 317-9903
Fax: (403) 568-8703

[email protected]
3735 Rundlehorn Dr NE #3B
Calgary, AB
T1Y 2K1


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