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Why Are My Gums Itchy?

Gums can itch for various reasons. But is it serious? What does it tell you? Should you worry if your gums always seem to be in need of scratching?

Gums protect and keep the teeth in place. If they feel itchy, this can be a sign of bacteria build-up between your teeth and gums. Itchy gums are preventable and treatable. Although in some cases, it could be an indication of a more serious dental problem.

Let’s start with the symptoms of itchy gums.

itchy gums

Every symptom can be a telltale sign what’s causing the itchy gums. Here are some symptoms to take note of:

What’s Causing Itchy Gums?

To determine the right treatment for itchy gums, you need to figure out its cause together with your dentist. Here are some of the possible causes of itchy gums.

Preventing Itchy Gums

The best way to prevent gums from becoming itchy is by keeping them clean. Good dental hygiene habits can help prevent plaque from building up and avoid a wide range of oral health issues. Quitting smoking is another way to prevent itchy gums as this habit increases the risk of gum diseases and slows down healing.

If you have been diagnosed with gingivitis, getting it treated early will help prevent the need for invasive treatments. Regular dental cleanings will also help your teeth stay free of plaque. Your dental hygienist removes plaque deposits using special tools, making the gums less prone to inflammation and bleeding.

See a Dentist

If you feel itchiness in your gums, consult with our friendly dentists. Identify what’s causing your itchy gums and protect your oral health.

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