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What Is Dentin and Why Is It Important?

The dentin always gets mentioned when we talk about the tooth enamel. But what is dentin and why is it as important as the latter?

What is Dentin?

Dentin is one of the four tissues that make up a tooth. The other three are enamel, cementum, and pulp.  Dentin is strong but not as solid as the enamel – and although less known than the enamel, it actually makes up majority of the tooth structure.

Dentin, which is creamy-white to yellowish in colour, is found just beneath the enamel. This is the reason our teeth appear less bright when the enamel corrodes and more of the dentin shows up.

Dentin and Tooth Sensitivity

When the dentin gets exposed, the tooth becomes more sensitive, too. This is because it’s connected to the root of the teeth.

Inside the dentin, you’ll find tubules or very small tubes that lead to the pulp of the tooth.  The pulp plays a crucial role as it houses blood vessels that supply nutrients to the tooth. It also contains nerve endings that trigger pain when teeth are exposed to sudden changes in temperature.

Dentin is also made up of minerals and water, although it is less mineralized as compared to the tooth enamel. The enamel plays a crucial role as it serves as the protective layer of the dentin.

How to Take Care of Dentin and the Rest of the Tooth Structure

You can prevent tooth sensitivity from kicking in by maintaining good oral hygiene habits.

Keeping a healthy diet helps a lot in keeping our teeth strong. Be sure to get calcium and vitamin D among other nutrients.

Truth be told, our teeth can protect themselves. Nutrients from the blood vessels go upward in the dentin and onto the enamel, keeping the tooth structure healthy. This outward flow also keeps acids away from the tooth.

However, when the acid gets too strong, say due to high sugar or carb consumption, the process gets reversed. Instead of the nutrient flowing outward, the fluid flows inward delivering harmful acids to the tooth.

This can be prevented. You can ensure your dentin stays healthy if you also keep your teeth nourished.

For more tips how to take care of your oral health, please feel free to get in touch with us at Rundle Dental.  Let’s keep your smile healthy and beautiful for a lifetime!


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