Tooth Coloured Fillings

Advancements in the dental industry make achieving a better smile more convenient.

Today patients can have their teeth filled using natural-looking materials. If you’re concerned about your tooth fillings looking obvious, we have dental solutions available for you at Rundle Dental. We offer tooth coloured fillings for our patients to restore the health and function of their teeth.

If you have existing fillings that are already worn, we can remove and replace them for you.

Here are the types of tooth coloured fillings that can help preserve your beautiful smile:

Before and after tooth coloured fillings.

Your dentist can help you identify the best material to use for your dental fillings. If you are concerned about treatment costs, please don’t hesitate to ask us about possible financing options. At Rundle Dental, we want to make sure that patients don’t hold back from getting dental care they need, thinking it’s too costly.

Our team will help you look into low monthly payments that you can afford.

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