Are you looking for an effective, non-invasive way to address snoring? Snore guards can help.

Snoring does not only prevent you from enjoying quality sleep, but it also can affect your everyday living and people that matter to you.

You don’t have to see your loved ones having troubles sleeping, nor will they have to continue worrying about your health. The solution can be as simple as seeing your dentist for a consultation.

How Snore Guards Work

With the help of an oral appliance, you can keep your airways open during sleep.

Your lower jaw and tongue are pushed forward, hence eliminating obstructions. Air can pass through without pressure, preventing you from snoring.

What’s more, snore guards can be made especially for you at the dental office. Unlike mouth guards that you can find in stores, these oral appliances fit snugly into your mouth.

Advantages of Snore Guards

Oral appliance therapy is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

You need not change your daily routine as the device is removable and only needs to be worn during sleep. This is also one reason patients like you love using it. Here are more advantages of snore guards:

  • Portable. Carry your snore guard with you anywhere you go. You won’t have to worry when sharing a room with someone else during travels.
  • Easy care. Cleaning your snoring mouthpiece doesn’t have to take extra work. You only need to be careful about cleaning tools you’re using to prevent scratching your mouth guard. You can use a soft brush and mild liquid dish detergent. You can also use warm water but be sure to check the temperature. Boiling water can damage your mouthpiece.
  • Comfortable. Since the oral appliance is custom made for you, you can be sure that it fits perfectly. Readily available mouthpieces can be ill-fitting and can cause discomfort when used.

Protecting Your Snoring Mouth Guard

Don’t forget to bring your mouthpiece as you visit your dentist. They will need to check the device for any signs of wear. You already put in effort and time in creating the perfect snore guard for you, with the help of the dental team. Keeping it in good condition – ensuring proper storage and cleaning – will help prolong its lifespan.

Minimize Snoring without Changing Your Lifestyle

Interested to learn more about a minimally-invasive snoring mouthpiece? Contact our team at Rundle Dental for more information. We’re happy to help you protect your oral health concerns.

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