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How to Reverse Tooth Decay

Tooth decay may develop because of bacteria feeding on sugar in your mouth. This process produces acids and later on leaves holes on the tooth. These holes are known as dental cavities.

Harmful bacteria target food and drinks with sugar or starch but with the help of saliva, along with fluoride, teeth are able replenish lost minerals. This process occurs naturally in our teeth. Teeth both lose minerals and gain them again. However, when the acid attacks are too strong, the teeth will keep losing more minerals than they can restore. This can result in tooth decay.

Tooth decay at its early stages can still be reversed. If not treated, the enamel will be destroyed. This can result in cavities that will need to be repaired with dental fillings. To reverse tooth decay, regular brushing and flossing is crucial.

Here are more tips to reverse tooth decay:

To reverse tooth decay, a healthy lifestyle and good dental care habits are crucial. Lack of minerals is a leading cause of tooth decay and our teeth get the nourishment they need from the food we eat.


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