Like you, your dentist wants you to keep a healthy smile for life and this is always possible with good dental hygiene habits. Let’s talk about how you can make sure your smile stays in good condition for the long term.

  • Find a dentist you feel comfortable with. Recommendations are a great way to start finding the right dentist for your needs. However, it’s crucial that you consider how you also feel about each meeting. If after several visits you still feel anxious or scared, chances are you’re not going to the right team. Find a qualified dentist you’ll want to work with today and years from now. Take time getting to know the dental staff before finally choosing the one for you.
  • Don’t wait for the pain. Please note that not all dental issues trigger pain at their early stages. Some can be silent such as a gum disease. The absence of a wound or pain does not mean there’s nothing wrong. This is why it’s important to keep up with your dental appointments. Also, should you notice any issue, let your dentist know immediately. They’ll help you determine whether you need any immediate attention.
  • Watch out for your gums and tongue too. Mouth care won’t be complete if you focus only on your teeth. Don’t forget to clean your gums and tongue too. When you keep your mouth clean, you also get to prevent bad breath. In case you notice your gums are unusually red or tender, advise your dentist right away.
  • Pay attention to what you eat. Your choice of food has an impact on your oral health. Our mouth gathers nutrients from our daily diet so it’s crucial to make sure we’re eating healthy. Sweet snacks are good from time to time but be sure to rinse your teeth with water afterwards to remove any sugary residue. Don’t forget natural teeth cleaners such as carrots and apples. They’re great for snacking too!
  • Think before you drink. Coffee, tea, and other coloured drinks can leave stains on your teeth. They can also contribute to your calorie and sugar intake. Try to cut down on these beverages and instead reach for more water. Water is both calorie and sugar free. It’s the friendliest drink for the teeth and our entire body as well.
  • Pay attention to your device, but more so on your brushing. It’s important to choose the right equipment in cleaning your mouth but remember that it doesn’t end there. You also need to pay attention to the time you spend brushing and your manner of brushing. Make sure all corners and surfaces of your teeth are covered. Always be gentle to avoid damaging the outermost layer of the teeth and the gums.
  • Stay on top of your routine dental check-ups. When was the last time you visited your dentist? The more often you see your dentist, the less time you’ll need to spend at the dental office as well. The more committed you are with your dental appointments, the more you can avoid complex dental treatments along the way.

The way to enjoying a healthy smile for life is staying committed to good dental hygiene. Although your dentist will be there to guide you in creating a home care routine, the rest of the job is up to you.  Get started today! We at Rundle Dental will be happy to help you out.