General Dentistry

Family at the Dentist practicing general dentistry

Family at the Dentist practicing general dentistry

The dentists at Rundle Dental love working with patients who need a variety of care! From a child’s first visit where we teach them the basics of dental care, to helping your teenager transition from retainers and braces, all the way through to prevention and maintenance during adult years.

Our philosophy is one of prevention first. Preventative general dentistry is best for the patient, not only for health but also financially. We also provide a full range of restorative services to keep your smile looking healthy. If you are not happy with your current smile we can help there too by providing you with cosmetic services from veneers to clear orthodontics and everything in between.

What services do we provide?

No treatment plan is the same, and that’s why we offer consultations to educate you and your family so that you feel empowered to take dental decisions into your own hands.