Family Dental Care

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Good Oral Health for Your Loved Ones: Family Dental Care

Caring for your family’s oral health is a huge responsibility. You’re no longer only keeping watch of your own smile – you’re also looking after various other mouths’ conditions.

Please note that every patient has unique dental care needs. Your loved one, for instance, may need a treatment plan different from yours.

At Rundle Dental in Calgary NE, we accommodate patients of all ages. We provide comprehensive dental care services to ensure every member of your family receives the assistance they need.

Your Family’s Oral Health Always Comes First

Do you or any of your loved ones feel embarrassed with their smile? Do you have a broken or decayed tooth? Do you feel pain in your mouth or in any surrounding structures?

Our dental team believes in the effectiveness of preventive care and patient education. By being consistent with your dental exams, you can prevent costly oral health issues. We’ll examine your mouth to detect early signs of dental problems.

We also aim to empower you by sharing information about your dental health. We’ll help you develop a home care routine for your family. As you protect your family’s oral health, you also protect their overall health. You can help them strengthen their smile for a lifetime.

Book Multiple Dental Visits with Ease

If this is your first time visiting a dentist to receive family dental care services, please feel free to advise us on any questions you may have.

We want you to feel comfortable working with us so please consider every dental visit an opportunity to get to know our team better.

If you have recently moved to Rundle and are looking for a new family dentist, please request a copy of your records from your previous dentist to be transferred to us.

You may need to sign a release form for this but please know that we only need this as reference as we review your oral health history.

Taking kids with you to the dental office may be challenging at times. But don’t worry – we offer flexible practice hours so you can come in at a time that’s convenient for every member of the family.

We’re open to serve you Mondays through Sundays, from early morning to evening. Please let us know if you wish to book multiple dental visits so we can help you.

Get started by booking a dental consultation today in Rundle Calgary.

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