Dentistry For Children

A child at her dental exam.

Don’t have your child fearing going to the dentist…

Choosing a dentist can be quite a challenge especially for first-time parents. Not all kids will have the same response toward seeing a children’s dentist, let alone visiting a dental office.

At Rundle Dental, we understand that your family’s health always comes first to you. As parents ourselves, we make sure that your kid’s dental experience will turn out great.

We partner with you to ensure that young patients feel comfortable. We aim to make dental trips exciting for the little ones and a lot easier for you.

Investing in Your Child’s Oral Health

As parents, we play an important role in caring for our children’s oral health. At a young age, they are still unable to clean their mouth on their own. We will have to do this for them and eventually brush with them as they start doing it themselves.

Keeping good dental hygiene starts at home. It’s important to help kids think positively about caring for their teeth and gums. Avoid associating dental care habits such as regular brushing to negative thoughts or situations.

Here are few benefits to investing in your child’s dental health.

  • Find out early if dental care practices you’re following at home are effective.
  • Check for any dental problems so immediate solution can be provided.
  • Get the little ones to learn more about the value of healthy teeth and gums.
  • Boost confidence. With healthy teeth, kids will not feel shy about smiling more often.

You are your child’s most effective role model in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Children’s dentists like us are always here to give you support you need. Our goal is to prevent any dental problems from developing. In turn, you also get to avoid any potential inconveniences.

Making First Meetings Positive and Fun

At Rundle Dental, we understand how crucial your child’s first meeting with a dentist is. Their first visit could leave lasting impressions they might carry with them for life. Hence, we strive to make first meetings relaxed and fun.

Unless you notice beforehand issues that need attention, we recommend that you bring the kids in at around age 3. We do everything we can to make this experience easy for the child. Young patients even get a prize and a ride in the chair!

Depending on their response, we may not even look in their mouth on their first visit. Our goal is to make them want to come back. We wouldn’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do. We want the little ones to establish trust and confidence toward our dental team.

By starting their relationship with the dentist early, we can ensure their teeth stay healthy. We can catch any issues before they become serious. In the long run, this means they will usually never have to experience anything. Routine cleaning may be all they would require, which also means saving on dental costs.

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