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Dental Sealants: 6 Benefits

No matter how well you brush, there are areas your toothbrush can’t reach. Back teeth or molars that are used for chewing have fissures or tiny grooves. When bacteria and food debris penetrate these grooves, it can lead to cavities.

Dental sealants are a form of plastic coating that can protect your molars. When applied, they make tooth surfaces smooth and easier to clean. They also help keep food particles out. Here’s a quick overview on how dental sealants work.

Both kids and adults can receive dental sealants. Sealants can help reduce the risk of tooth decay, which can happen to anyone. Here are more benefits of getting dental sealants.

1. Easy to apply

Application is quick and easy. It only takes a single visit to the dental office. Your dentist will clean the area before the procedure. The procedure is also pain-free, making it suitable for kids.

2. Safe

Sealants have no known side effects. The amount of BPA in dental sealants is too small to cause harm. It’s also worth noting that your dentist will recommend a dental sealant only when necessary. Here’s the response of the Canadian Dental Association to frequently asked questions about Bisphenol A and their position on the use of sealants.

3. Virtually invisible

Since dental sealants are white or clear, they aren’t noticeable when you talk or open your mouth. After the treatment, your teeth will look as they did before except that the unsightly fissures are now gone. This benefits patients who aren’t comfortable with visible dental work.

4. Lasts for several years

Dental sealants are durable enough to withstand the normal pressure of chewing. Although they’re not permanent, they can last for several years. How long before you’ll need to have them reapplied depends on various factors, such as teeth clenching or grinding. During your routine checkups, your dentist will let you know when it’s time for reapplication.

5. Money-saving

Your dental team can verify if your insurance will cover the cost of dental sealants. They’re a good investment because they can save you money by preventing cavities. Any corrective dental procedure can be expensive, so preventive dental care is cost-effective.

6. Time-saving

Dental issues can cost you time and pain. A severe toothache, for example, can be so debilitating you might be absent from school or work. You’ll spend less time in the dental chair if your teeth are healthy. Your teeth shouldn’t have to disrupt your daily life.

Learn More About Dental Sealant Benefits

If you never received dental sealants as a kid, you may be wondering if your kids should get them. It helps to talk with your dentist or hygienist to learn more about the importance of the procedure, feel more comfortable about it, and decide whether it’s right for you and/or your kids.

Your kids may benefit from getting dental sealants as soon as their molars start to erupt. Let us know if you would like to come in and learn more about sealants. You’re always welcome at our dental office.


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