What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a cap made to look like a natural tooth and is used to cover damaged tooth. Once it is set in place, the shape and size of the damaged tooth are restored. You no longer need to hide weird shaped or worn down tooth.

Who Could Benefit from a Dental Crown?

Your dentist may suggest getting a dental crown if you have weak or cracked tooth in need of repair.

Dental crowns can also be used along with dental fillings in case there isn’t enough tooth left. Crowns are also used to secure bridges and lighten discolored teeth.

Getting dental crowns is also possible if you wish to make cosmetic modifications to your teeth.

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Types Of Crowns

Traditional Crowns

dental crown diagram in ne calgaryGetting the traditional type of crown usually requires two dental visits.

The first phase involves taking impressions of your teeth. This is necessary for mold creation. Your dentist will also provide you a temporary crown while the actual one is being manufactured in the dental laboratory.

Once your dental crown is ready, your dentist will invite you for another appointment. Before the crown is placed, the area receiving the crown is cleaned first. The temporary crown will as well be removed.

Once the actual dental crown is placed, your dentist does final checking to ensure bite and spacing precision. Take note of care instructions provided by your dentist so you can extend lifespan of your dental crowns.