Does your child participate in organized sports?

While letting your little one enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, you also need to ensure they’re protected against potential injuries. Giving them the right protective gear can help reduce the severity of injuries.

With the help of mouth guards, kids can lessen probability of damaging their teeth, tongue, lips, and jaw. The price is small compared to the cost of treating dental injuries.

Mouth Guards for Preventing Dental Related Sports Injuries

Mouth guards are protective devices made of plastic. Their shape conforms to the shape of the mouth. When worn, a mouth guard serves as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing them from crashing in the event of an impact.

Sports injuries can be costly. Add to that, they should be treated as emergencies hence requiring immediate medical attention. Dental injuries, such as knocked out tooth, requires long-term treatment. Tooth needs to be restored as soon as possible so it can function properly.

You can avoid serious injuries along with other potential inconveniences such as missed school days. Moreover, your child can continue enjoying the sport they love. All this is possible by investing in a mouth guard.

Types of Mouth Guards

Not all mouth guards provide the same level of protection. For your child, you’ll want to ensure you’re going for the best option.

  • Custom. To create a custom mouth guard, your dentist will take impressions of your child’s teeth. This mold is then sent to the laboratory where the dental-wear is produced. Once the mouth guard is ready, you can pick it up at the dental office. Your dentist will check to see if the device fits your child’s mouth right. Please take note, however, that the mouth guard may need to be replaced after about 2 years as kids grow quickly.
  • Boil and bite. Place them first on boiling water before using. The mouth guard adheres to the shape of the teeth and mouth as it cools and hardens. You need to be careful on this process. Biting too hard may render the mouth guard too thin and inadequate for protecting your child’s teeth.
  • Stock. Stock mouth guards are easily accessible and the cheapest too. However, they’re made one size fits all. Stock mouth guards for kids can be bulky and may cause speaking difficulties. Your child’s mouth is unique so it’s best to use a mouthpiece designed especially for them.

Benefits of Using Custom Sports Mouth Guard

As a protective gear, the job of the mouth guard is to absorb impact and protect the teeth from an otherwise serious injury.

With their mouth guards on, your child can shield their mouth against dental injuries. There are various dental injuries that are related to sports. Each may require a different treatment plan.

Your child is more vulnerable to experiencing dental injuries without a protective mouthpiece. According to the Community Dentist Network, the majority (about 84%) of Canadian kids participate in organized sports annually and damaged teeth is one of the most common sports injuries.

It’s safe to say that most Canadian children are active, with studies showing that about 84% of kids are involved in some kind of organized sport each year.

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