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A missing tooth does not only affect your smile, it can also impact how the rest of your teeth perform.

A missing tooth pushes the surrounding teeth to work twice as hard. Teeth located next to your missing tooth can also move into the gap. When this happens, your upper and lower teeth will no longer align properly. This could result to bite issues.

Also, a gap between your teeth increases the chance of food debris getting stuck. When this food debris is not removed, you could develop tooth decay and gum disease.

One way you can replace missing teeth is through dental bridges.

What are Dental Bridges?

Bridges, also referred to as fixed removable dentures, are attached to your natural teeth or on dental implants, which serve as their support.

The traditional bridge is a crown made especially for the teeth receiving it. If the surrounding teeth are unhealthy, your dentist might recommend a root canal therapy before proceeding with the tooth replacement procedure.

How Does a Dental Bridge Work?

Bridges cover the space where you’re missing teeth . A portion of the surrounding teeth needs to be removed. Once the surrounding teeth are reduced, our dentists can now take digital impressions of your teeth. Once we are satisfied with the digital 3D model of your mouth we can mill your bridge right in our office with CAD/CAM technology.

Once the bridge is created, they are cemented over your teeth.

Care Tips for Your Bridges

Bridges can last a long time. However, they may come loose or fall out due to wear.

Caring for your bridges doesn’t have to be complex. Sticking to your oral hygiene routine is crucial. You need to protect your gums as they help keep the bridge in place. Apart from regular brushing and flossing, make sure to see your dentist regularly as well.

Also, avoid munching on hard foods. This may put pressure on and damage the bridges.

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