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How do I introduce my child to the dentist?

Are you thinking it’s time to introduce your little one to the dentist but aren’t sure how to get started? Here in our dental office, our entire team is working together to make visits comfortable for both children and adults. Children should begin seeing a dentist within six months after their first teeth have erupted. [...]

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Why are my teeth Sensitive?

Having sensitive teeth is more than a minor inconvenience. When cold or sweet foods have an ‘ouch’ factor, it’s time to tell your dentist. Tooth sensitivity may be an initial sign of something more serious. Sensitivity occurs when the protective enamel shell on the outside of a tooth is damaged, or when receding gums expose [...]

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Caring for Your Teeth When You Have Braces

When you have braces, cleaning your mouth will require extra effort. You’ll need to brush after every meal to avoid food debris from getting stuck on the holes in your bracket. Setting aside good oral hygiene may lead to dental problems. If you’ll take good care of your braces, you’ll also feel more comfortable wearing [...]

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Keep Your Mouth Healthy During Winter

When the temperature drops, your skin is not the only part of your body that can get damaged. Your mouth can also be exposed to various dental woes. Watch out for these common mouth complaints during the cold season. Chapped lips. It’s hard to avoid exposure to the cold weather but this can make [...]

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