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8 Dental Care Tips for Smokers

We’re aware of the dangers of smoking, but its impact on oral health isn't always discussed. Smoking exposes you to a higher risk of mouth infection. The best way to protect yourself is to quit the habit, but that’s easier said than done. But, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Smokers can still [...]

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Dental Sealants: 6 Benefits

No matter how well you brush, there are areas your toothbrush can’t reach. Back teeth or molars that are used for chewing have fissures or tiny grooves. When bacteria and food debris penetrate these grooves, it can lead to cavities. Dental sealants are a form of plastic coating that can protect your molars. When applied, [...]

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Do Away With Tooth Decay: 7 Cavity Prevention Strategies

Nobody wants cavities. But they're a common dental problem affecting people of all ages. Cavities are essentially holes that form due to decay on the tooth surface. They can be painful and sensitive. Dental cavities can lead to serious gum diseases if left unaddressed. These preventative measures can reduce your risk of developing tooth decay [...]

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Get Rid of the Pain: How to Ease Sensitive Teeth

Anyone can experience tooth sensitivity, and there are no telltale signs when it's coming. However, it’s most prevalent among those aged 20 to 40. The condition occurs when the tooth’s protective layer, the enamel, wears away. This exposes the dentin beneath the enamel, leading to sensitivity when eating or drinking things that are hot, cold, [...]

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Eat Your Way to a Healthy Smile: Best Foods for Your Teeth

You take great care of your teeth by brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist as scheduled. But are you doing everything you can? Just like carrots are good for our eyes and water for our skin, specific foods deliver healthy benefits to our mouths. If you’re already being diligent with your oral hygiene routine, then [...]

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How to Choose the Right Toothpaste Type for Your Family

Brushing with the right toothpaste is key to maintaining a bright, healthy smile. One type of toothpaste may be more effective for you than another. This guide will help you select the best one to meet your specific needs. The first toothpaste was invented by Ancient Egyptians in 5000 BC, even before toothbrushes were [...]

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Start School Smiling!

  We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in a charity campaign sponsored by the Alberta Dental Association and College. It is called Start School Smiling and allows Grade One students in Alberta to have a free examination, with bitewing x-rays if needed, at Rundle Dental in Calgary. The campaign will be [...]

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Does Diabetes Increase Your Risk for Oral Health Problems?

According to Diabetes Canada, the estimated prevalence of diabetes in the country in 2015 is 3.4 million or 9.3 percent. This figure is set to reach 5 million or 12.1 percent by 2025. Diabetes can affect anyone across ages and from all walks of life. When someone has diabetes, their ability to process sugar is [...]

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Why Fruit Juice Can be Worse than Soda for Your Teeth

Fruit juice is often described as a healthy drink, or at least a healthier option than fizzy drinks. After all, it's made from natural fruits. It also contains the common vitamins and minerals we know of such as vitamin C. However, according to dental professionals, fruit juice can also pose danger to our teeth. Should [...]

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What Happens During Your Routine Dental Office Visit

What happens during a routine dental checkup? Routine visits to the dentist are important even if you strictly follow your dental home care routine. This helps ensure that your teeth stay strong and clean for the long term. This also prevents dental issues from developing. It’s also important that you find a dentist near you [...]

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