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What Is Dentin and Why Is It Important?

The dentin always gets mentioned when we talk about the tooth enamel. But what is dentin and why is it as important as the latter? What is Dentin? Dentin is one of the four tissues that make up a tooth. The other three are enamel, cementum, and pulp.  Dentin is strong but not as solid [...]

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How to Reverse Tooth Decay

Tooth decay may develop because of bacteria feeding on sugar in your mouth. This process produces acids and later on leaves holes on the tooth. These holes are known as dental cavities. Harmful bacteria target food and drinks with sugar or starch but with the help of saliva, along with fluoride, teeth are able replenish lost minerals. This [...]

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Our Christmas Contest Is Here!

  Our Christmas Contest Is Here! As the holiday season approaches and the celebrations start, we at Rundle Dental thought our small community could share some of that Christmas joy with each other. Post photos of you and yours in whatever Christmas themed fun you are up to. Each photo posted will count as an [...]

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Which Mouthwash Type Should You Use?

A mouthwash offers temporary fix when brushing or flossing isn't possible. Note, however, that rinsing with mouthwash should not be deemed as replacement for your oral hygiene routine. Mouthrinses offer several benefits. They help remove food particles, clean teeth, slow down the spread of tartar, and even freshen breath. The Mouthwash Type for Your Unique [...]

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What are Dental Sealants and How Do They Help

Do you notice grooves on chewing surfaces of your molar teeth? Dental sealants are applied on these areas to prevent tooth decay. These grooves on the molar teeth, also known as fissures, can be tough to clean. Sometimes, they are even narrower than toothbrush strands. This is why plaque loves to hang around in these [...]

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How to Help Kids Reduce Sugar Intake

A healthy diet is crucial for kids. When kids are overweight, they run the risk of acquiring serious diseases. Ensuring kids get access to nutritionally-balanced meals will also help protect them from tooth decay. Too much sugar can trigger acid attacks on the tooth enamel. This will weaken the teeth and may also cause cavities [...]

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Why Teeth Discolour Overtime

Teeth can change colour over time due to various reasons. The discoloration may be extrinsic, caused by stains on the teeth surface. It can also be intrinsic, due to the darkening of the layer beneath the tooth enamel called dentin. Teeth may also lose their usual sparkle due to aging. The outermost layer of the teeth, the enamel, [...]

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How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

How many times did you turn down coffee and ice cream because they cause sharp pain on your teeth? If you keep experiencing this, then you may have sensitive teeth. What triggers sensitive teeth? When your gums recede, the dentin gets more exposed. Dentin contains thousands of tiny tubes that are connected to the nerve [...]

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How to Make Your Smile Brighter and Healthier

How to make your smile brighter? First, let’s about reasons our teeth lose their sparkle. Teeth change colour due to various reasons. And no matter how careful you are, teeth will always be exposed to stain. Aging, for instance, happens naturally and is one known cause of teeth discolouration. Some stains are easier to address [...]

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Prevent Bad Breath: Dry Mouth Causes and Treatments

It’s easy to overlook the importance of saliva until you experience yourself how uncomfortable dry mouth can get. Saliva helps clean our mouth and digest food we eat. It also helps fight off bacteria that threaten to invade our mouth. Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth can happen to anyone. It should not last long, [...]

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